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Published: 16th October 2009
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SID : hello, Sid Roth welcoming you to my world where it is naturally mystical. I adore breathing the air of the supernatural, that's my oxygen, outrageous, I mean I know I have claimed it before but I actually mean, horrendous, are you able to imagine someone without an eardrum, somebody without an ear getting their hearing back, medically most unlikely but in the realm where my oxygen is the glory of The Lord God all things are possible. My guest Matt Sorger, Matt I'm going to go back, you're a young kid and a superb miracle happens to your mom, let me know about that.
MATT : Sid when I was 12 years of age my mother became truly, actually sick and she kept getting worse for approximately two years, she would go to the doctors, she attempted everything you could think of to get healed, she was up to 24 bottles of medication a day and by then she was still bed-ridden, the doctors couldn't figure out how to help her, and I remember the first miracle that I ever saw in my life was that of my very own mom.
SID : How old were you?
MATT : I was fourteen at the time. SID : O.K.
MATT : And you know the old lady had come to the end of her self, she had tried the rest and then ultimately one night my grandmother invites her to a Catholic charismatic healing mass.
MATT : I am not sure.

MATT : yup it's correct, you know sometimes we seek God last.

MATT : he should be first definitely.
SID : So what's happened to your mom?
MATT : Well my grandmother brought her to a Catholic charming healing mass where the clergymen were full of the Holy Spirit, my mom hadn't got any idea what can be expected, she figured she would go and just get some prayer, she was going to God and as she came into the church that night she walked into the back of the sanctuary and she just crumbled on the floor, she was just crying, damaged, I mean at the bottom, and she informs me the tale about how she looked up in that church, and she looked up and she saw the cross, and she prayed a very simple prayer in her heart. And she announced,'Jesus, tonight I am coming to you' You see because up to this point Sid, she had been looking for other ways for healing, she had been searching for practical drugs but also in new age realms of you know, crystals, and all sorts, anything she could find that would possibly bring healing, she attempted it all.
MATT : And then when she looked up and she saw Jesus there she announced,'Jesus, I am coming back to you, everything else that I have tried to put my faith in, or that I have tried to see if it was real, I put it all aside and I come back to only Jesus.' And when she came forward God was bringing her on this path really Sid, God was bringing her on this path to show her the truth, number one that Jesus was the healer and he was the only possible way to get to God as she was trying all these alternative routes, she loved folks, she never liked the concept of anyone not being with The Lord God for eternity and heaven, so you know she was very humanistic in her thinking, and she, you know if you loved God, you are a good person, you will get to heaven, that's's all fine. She had a really hard time with the postulate that Jesus was the only possible way, until she ultimately came to the bottom.

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